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Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165 
Siblings: Seppun Isa

Genjo was a peasant who lived near Honored Treaty City. His younger sister, Seppun Isa, had been adopted when infant by the city's governor, Seppun Juro, who never had children of his own. [1]

Murderer Edit

Juro arranged Isa a marriage with Mirumoto Aichi. In 1165, Juro summoned Aichi to his presence. Filled with remorse, he would reveal his betrothed was born peasant. Genjo acted to stop Juro so that his sister would have hope for a better life. [1] The peasant murdered Juro, using a dart coated in a potent variant of Night Milk, a deadly poison. [2]

Arrested Edit

Shiba Kanshiro, a young samurai in attendance to the castle's court, aided the magistrates Kitsuki Temko to expose the peasant as the murderer. Genjo attempted to escape through force, but he was killed under Kanshiro's blade. [3]


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