Gemmei was a nun of the Brotherhood of Shinsei.

Nun Edit

Gemmei was given to the Order of Kaimetsu-uo as an infant and had known no other life. She used to play the biwa. [1]

Fudoism Edit

Gemmei was sent to the Colonies. She was indoctrinated in the Fudoism by brother Hyoboku and Gemmai began to teach the Writings of Fudo to a small crowd of fascinated listeners in the city's marketplace. A regular listener was Yoritomo Nakoshi. [1]

Questioned Edit

In 1198 the abbot Dayu introduced her to Rokku, from the Order of Strength, who questioned her about the writings of Fudo. Dayu wasn convinced that the Fudo texts were heretical, and he had forbidden the monks under his authority to study them. Gemmei and her followers were given permission to withdraw for a time, and departed to the Second City to continue their studies. [1]

Madness of P'an Ku Edit

In 1198 Hyobuko was living again in the Colonies, in a small village alongside Gemmei. They had discovered a threat that could endanger the Empire, and exposed one of its victims, Oda, the owner of a tea house. They knew this man would become mad, leaving a trail of corpses in his wake. They called Yoritomo Nakoshi, and convinced him to take action. The Mantis killed Oda while the heimin was preparing poisoned tea. [2]


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