Garin's Vigilant was named after Morito Garin, the Ox Clan Champion who devoted to root out the kolat from his clan, and the Vigilant, a school of the Unicorn, devoted to resisting and destroying the Kolat.

Unicorn's Aid to the Ox Edit

In 1170 the Scorpion Clan destroyed the Hidden Temple, the secret Kolat's headquarters, and decimated the Kolat infiltrated in the Ox Clan. The new Ox Clan Champion, Morito Garin, made contact with the Khan Moto Chen, who arrived in the Ox lands shortly thereafter. Garin implored Chen to help him ensure that his clan could never again be compromised by the conspiracy, but the Khan was unsure of his sincerity. Garin told Chen that he could select the next Champion if he would only make certain that the Ox were free, and prepared to commit seppuku. Chen stopped him, convinced of his sincerity, and placed one of his advisors with Garin. The seasoned Shinjo began instructing in the techniques of the Vigilants, a Unicorn school devoted to resisting and destroying the Kolat. [1]

Secrecy Edit

Less than two dozen hand-picked samurai met secretely in the middle of the night at the Ox Clan Champion's private dojo at Shiro Morito, to be taught by the scarred Shinjo sensei. They existed to ensure that the Kolat had no lingering presence within the Ox Clan. They were officers, governors, and other individuals of high station, and all of them were constantly scrutinized for any sign of disloyalty or corruption. [2]

Known Technique Edit


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