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Garegosu no Bakemono

Garegosu no Bakemono

Garegosu no Bakemono was a tentacled horror that could be summoned by the Summon Garegosu no Bakemono maho spell. The creature would consume to body of any it killed, increasing it's own strength and health. [1]

Abilities Edit

Garegosu no Bakemono 1

Garegosu no Bakemono

It did not require water to survive, moving on earth like a snake leaving its arms free to grab its prey. Garegosu used to freeze its objective with its horrible face, grabbed victims with its tentacles, and constricting them. [2]

Appearence Edit

Garegosu no Bakemono were approximately the size of an elephant, and resembled a cancerous octopus; a terrifying sight known to cause people to flee in fear. [1]

Name Edit

Its peculiar name derived from the fact that they never ate goblins, and even seemed to enjoy a friendship of sorts with them. The creatures' origins were unknown, but some Kuni believed they might have been created or tamed as pets by the goblins. [3]

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