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Gamon was a monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei.

Order of the Fiver Rings Edit

Gamon joined in the 6th century the Order of the Five Rings, and he was true follower of its teachings, "Five Rings, Five Clans". Eventually the order was declared a False Path, and its leader Gorinno, fell in disgrace. [1]

Order of the Nameless Gift Edit

Gamon joined the Order of the Nameless Gift, and he still believed that one day Gorinno's philosophy would prevail, but it was not the moment to press for their acceptance. He stressed the importance of recognizing the correct moment to act. Gamon eventually passed away, but his thoughts on the correct timing of actions persisted as a strain of philosophical inquiry within the Order of the Nameless Gift. In time his research and the work of the monk Hyoushi would lead in the creation of the Order of Eternity. [1]


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