RPG Information (FFG) Edit

Games is a Social Skill that represents a character's ability to win, but also knowing when to orchestrate a graceful loss to advance a more important objective. Games are an important tool at court, serving as a vital outlet for the rivalries that develop in the highest circles of power and as an opportunity to maintain and develop relationships, especially outside of the strict confines that one's station would usually dictate. Success at games is one way a new arrival at court can earn distinction and get access to people of much higher rank, whom they would otherwise be unable to approach. Games were merely a means of social contact, and success in this arena was only useful if each game played served a purpose in the subtle, shifting struggle for power and influence. Skill at games can mean. It covers activities such as Fortunes and Winds, Gambling, Go, Kemari, Letters, Sadane, Shogi, and Sport Hunting. [1]

RPG Information (AEG) Edit

Games (Varies)

Games is the skill of those characters who are particularly skilled in a game, as Kemari, Go, Shogi, Sadane, Sumai, [2] Fortunes and Winds, or Letters. [3]


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