Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Yodotai Governor of the Senpet lands

Phresex was a Senpet Sahir. He joined the Yodotai as Galerius.

Yodotai at Medinaat al-Salaam Edit

Phresex shifted his loyalties to the Yodotai in 1132, becoming Galerius, an Inquisitor. [1] He became nearly immune to any magical attack of the Burning Sands. [2]

Governor of the Senpet Edit

In 1160 the Yodotai Invasion of Senpet lands ended with a victory. After many years serving his new masters proving his loyalty, Galerius was appointed the governor of the Senpet lands by the Yodotai Warlord Aurelian. He had to deal with an uprising of his former kin when the Yodotai forbade the cult of the Ten Thousand Gods. [3]

External Links Edit

Galerius attacked by a Khadi

Galerius attacked by a Khadi


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