Gakka province

Gakka province (Ma2)

The Gakka province (Ma2) was one of the western provinces of the Matsu, its lands extending from the easternmost borders of the Scorpion territory, separated by the Three Sides River and the Spine of the World Mountains, to the northernmost borders of Heigen province (Ma5), to the easternmost borders of the Chuugen province (Ma1), being enveloped by the shouthernmost borders of Foshi province (Ki4). Notable locations within the province included Kenson Gakka (L14), Humble Village and the ruins of Shinden Yaruki Jukko. [1]

Scorpion Occupation Edit

Prior to the 6th century this province was named Meyo. [2] Somehow the Scorpion occupied the province, but the Lion eventually outmaneuvered them and regained its control on the battlefield through dishonorable means. The Lion gave up all rights to the captured domain, because which was won without honor might not be kept with honor. [3]


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