Gakiken, "spirit-sword", [1] was the most well-researched book on ghosts and hauntings. Written by Toritaka Iemasa in the 9th century, it gave birth to the romanticized image of the Phantom Hunters. Since the book was written by a former Kitsu family, it formed good relations between the Toritaka and Kitsu family, allowing some Toritaka bushi to train with the Kitsu. [2]


  1. Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita, p. 70
  2. Way of the Shadowlands, p. 37

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Third Edition, page 16 states that the Falcon were created in the ninth century but Iemasa is said to have lived in the eighth in Way of the Shadowlands. It assumed that the 8th century is supposed to be the 9th century.

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