Gaius was a Yodotai, and the leader of the honor guard sent with Phyrrus.

Khol Wall Edit

When the Yodotai detachment transporting Phyrrus reached the Khol Wall, only Phyrrus was allowed to pass and meet with the Khan Moto Chagatai. When Phyrrus returned home, the honor guard was left behind as a token of his nation's goodwill. [1]

The reason for them remaining was a standard practice among the Yodotai, allowing them to learn the tactics of the locals so if war broke out they could use this knowledge against them. [2]

Moto Jin-sahn learned about Yodotai while sharing knowledge with Gaius. Gaius was not aware that the Khan had ordered Jin-Sahn to send them into the thick of combat at every turn, attempting to create "accidents" to ensure the Yodotai did not return to their lands. [1]


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