G'ni'ch was a Nezumi Shaman who was elevated as a Transcendent. [1]

Fighting Fu Leng Edit

G'ni'ch, before he transcended, slew a great number of Tainted beasts, including a spawn of Akuma no Oni, an entire pack of Sanru no Oni, and the depraved maho-tsukai Kuni Yoshimitsu. [2]

Transcendent Edit

Among the Transcendent G'ni'ch was known as the Fierce. He hailed from no existing tribe, his people having been destroyed by the Shadowlands, so he remains an implacable enemy of Fu Leng. G'ni'ch demanded to his aides that they must destroy all trace of the Taint. If G'ni'ch departed his aide, it was usually from exasperation because the aide was not destroying enough Tainted creatures. [2]

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