Fuzake Sekkou 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Fuzake Masado,
Titles: Fuzake Daimyo

Fuzake Sekkou was a shugenja of the Monkey Clan, [1] the son of a former Yasuki, Fuzake Masado and the ronin Mineko. [2] Sekkou undertook a musha shugyo during the tumultuous era after the death of Emperor Toturi I. [3]

Demeanor Edit

Sekkou learned patience from his teachers and possessed an extraordinary degree of self-control and determination. [4]

Aide to Miya Hatori Edit

Sekkou undertook a musha shugyo during the tumultuous era after the death of Emperor Toturi I. During this time, he served as an aide to Miya Hatori, alongside Otomo Taneji, and in travelling with him met many of the important people in Rokugan. [3]

Lion and Mantis Lands Edit

Hatori entrusted Taneji and Sekkou to travel alone to the Shiro sano Ken Hayai. In 1159 they met the Kitsu Daimyo Kitsu Juri, who allowed to assess the historical records of the Kitsu family. [5] They later traveled to the lands of Taneji's grandfather, the Mantis Islands[6] where they met the aged Moshi Jukio, talking about the pretender Yoritomo Kumiko, self-proclaimed Yoritomo's daughter. [7] Again in the continent they met Tsuruchi Ichiro, the Tsuruchi Daimyo, at Kyuden Ashinagabachi. [8] Their time in the Mantis lands had concluded with both self-proclaimed champions deeming the old shisha unworthy of their concern. [9]

Again at Mainland Rokugan Edit

The group sailed to the Ruined City, the fallen Imperial City Otosan Uchi, an intermediate point before they moved to the Phoenix lands. They were met by the Tortoise Daimyo Kasuga Taigen. [10] Sekkou was sent alone to speak with the Agasha Daimyo Agasha Hamanari, pondering bout the Dragon-Phoenix War, Shiba Aikune and the Isawa's Last Wish. [11] The Phoenix ignored the group, and they moved on. At Kyuden Asako they had received an anonymous note for a meeting in a small shrine. Chian, a former Shosuro and ninja, told them about the Shadowed Tower, a conspiracy for power within the Scorpion. The monk believed only an impartial outsider could bring an end to the threat of a civil war. [9] At Kyuden Bayushi they were met by Bayushi Yojiro, the Master of Secrets, [12] moving later to Painted City, where Hatori alone met Shosuro Furuyari[13] In their quest eventually reached Shiro no Soshi[14] At Ryoko Owari Toshi they were visited again by Chian, alongside with Yogo Ichiba. They told that Hatori had been informed about the internal conflict, to make him understand that it was a Scorpion matter, and that Hatori had to keep others away. [15] They moved to the Carpenter Wall, where Hatori would tell of the Tower to the Kuni Witch Hunters. Sekkou went forth to announce their arrival to the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon. [16]

The Crab Clan Edit

Hatori had met Hida Kuon in the Winter court of the previous year, and they met again in 1160 at Kyuden Hida, introduced by Hida Reiha. Hatori had gained Kuon's sympathy with his past endeavours to favor the allocation of the Miya's Blessing toward the Crab. The new Crab Clan Champion, however, forced Otomo Taneji to depart from the audience, as Kuon was angered toward the political maneuvers the Otomo made before and during the Second Yasuki War against the Crab interests. [17] At Kaiu Shiro Hatori agreed with Kaiu Namboku to use some of his engineers to improve Hatori's estates. Sekkou moved forth alone, toward Toritaka lands. [18] There he visited Toritaka Ikanko, sensei of the Falcon's Spirit Dojo, requesting copies of any information the Toritaka libraries held regarding the Shuten Doji that massacred the Falcon Clan. Sekkou was taught by Ikanko for a week, learning how the Spirit Realms were connected to Ningen-do. The Council of Twilight, guardians of these records, admitted him into the libraries of the Toritaka. [19] 

Hatori's Wife Kidnapped Edit

They left the contested Yasuki lands after a meeting with Yasuki Jinn-Kuen, a prominent courtier. There Hatori got news about the disappearance of his wife, through a letter written by the Miya Daimyo Miya Yumi. Nevertheless, the group moved to Crane lands. [20] In Shinden Asahina Sekkou requested the Jade Champion Asahina Sekawa permission to learn the ways of the Jade Magistrates, staying at the temples during a time. [21] Most probably he was left behind because he appeared inconsequential, so that he could reveal information to the Jade Champion while the Tower's eyes were on Hatori. [22]

Kamiko is Released Edit

In Crane lands Hatori's old friend Kakita Munemori, told about a safehouse of the Tower at Ryoko Owari, while Jade Magistrates led by Asahina Sekawa arrived, alongside with Sekkou. During the march they were met by the Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi, who told that Hatori's wife, Miya Kamiko, had been released, with the instrumental aid of his lieutenant Bayushi Norachai. Miya Kamiko was sent to Shiro Moto, as a guest of the Khan Moto Chagatai, who would protect her as a matter of honor. [23] The group moved to Unicorn lands, [24] where they met the Utaku Daimyo Utaku Xieng Chi at Shiro Moto. An honor guard of Iuchi Shugenja and  Shiotome escorted Kamiko back to Kyuden Miya, while Taneji and Sekkou followed Hatori toward Dragon lands. [25] In their way, Sekkou was met by the Shinjo Daimyo Shinjo Shono and his friend Shinjo Huang. [26]

The Dragon Clan Edit

Upon their arrival to the Dragon lands in 1161, the group was met by Togashi Matsuo, the renowned student of the Clan War's hero Togashi Mitsu. [27] The Tattooed Monk marched alongside them until they reached the Last House, the Kitsuki holding that laid before entering the Dragon mountains, where Kitsuki Kiyushichi met the group. [28] They met the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Rosanjin near Shiro Mirumoto, [29] and Tamori Tsukiro near Shiro Tamori, who was in stewardship of the castle due to Tamori Shaitung's absence. [30] After they visited Kyuden Hitomi, the group spent a time in the Dragon territory. Taneji expressed to Sekkou his disconfort that mysticim was part of everything in these lands. Sekku found refreshing the ways of the Tattooed Monks. [31]

Fuzake Daimyo Edit

Sekkou eventually became the Daimyo of the Fuzake family. [32]

Preceded by:
Fuzake Daimyo
? - ?
Succeeded by:


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