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Fuzake Haruka

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Please note: This article is about the shugenja. For other uses of the term, please see Haruka (disambiguation).
Fuzake Haruka 
Born: 1150 
Died: Unknown

Fuzake Haruka was a young shugenja of eighteen years old who accompanied the Monkey Clan delegation to Winter Court at Kyuden Otomo in 1168 during the winter that Moto Chagatai began his move to take the throne, the Winter of Red Snows. She was brought before the Empress Toturi Kurako who declared that Haruka would become her new personal attendant and that the Fuzake family were no longer a vassal family of the Toku but a full family within the Monkey Clan. [1]

Toshi Ranbo assaulted Edit

In 1169 Haruka was with the Empress when news of the Khan Moto Chagatai's arrival reached. Kurako sent the courtiers to safety and closed the Imperial Throne room under the guard of Empress' Guard commander, Kakita Matabei. [2]


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