Fushin was the Onisu of Betrayal and the Nightmare of the Scorpion Clan. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Fushin was a massive red-skinned creature covered in overlapping plates of chitinous armor. It had four arms, and wielded a katana in each hand. It was known to prowl the Shinomen Forest, and was also seen among the free ogres in the Twilight Mountains. [2] It caused humans nearby to commit a dishonorable act of betrayal, or panicked when meeting the onisu' sgaze. However it was weakened for every act of selfless loyalty. If destroyed, Fushin could be harvested by Daigotsu form Yume-do thorugh a painful ritual. It was known to prowl the depths of the Shinomen Forest alongside with a pack of Tsuno Ravagers and a Tsuno Soultwister. [1]

Reviled Edit

Fushin Slays Toturi

Fushin facing Toturi I

Of all the Onisu, none was more reviled than Fushin. [3] The samurai of Rokugan loathed it for the murder of Emperor Toturi I in 1158 [4] while being possessed by Daigotsu. [5] The denizens of the Shadowlands did not trust it either. Fushin was by far the most recognizable Onisu, despite it's stealthy demeanor, due to the assassination of Toturi. [6] The demon often broke off alone, hatching plots and schemes to gain power for itself. Daigotsu was aware of Fushin's aberrant tendencies, and watched Fushin carefully. The Dark Lord even slain Fushin when it went too far, only to grant it physical form again. [2]

The Onisu Unleashed Edit

In 1159 after the death of Daigotsu's bodyguard, Goju Kyoden, all Onisu were unleashed over Rokugan. They infiltrated the homes of the Four Winds and killed until their own deaths. He and Muchitsujo attacked Ryoko Owari, Hantei Naseru's headquarter. Fushin was burnt by Bayushi Kwanchai. [7] Fushin was uncertain how to deal with this humiliating defeat. [2] Later this year, Fushin attempted to gain control of an ancient and powerful kitsu artifact by manipulating Hantei Naseru. But the plan backfired completely, with the artifact destroyed and Fushin itself slain yet again. With its many failures, Fushin was left to brood within Yume-do. The slight vexed Fushin greatly. [8]

Turning on Daigotsu Edit

After perishing twice in the Dark Lord's service, Fushin did indeed turn on him. It became the first Onisu to align itself with the Oni Lord known as the Maw. [9]

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Toturi's Death

Daigotsu, embodied in Fushin, slaying Toturi I

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