Born: Unknown 
Died: 1120

Fushiki was a peasant boy and Bloodspeaker who became a intelligent zombie after Asahina Yajinden fused a porcelain mask to his face. [1] He was known within the cult as “the Face of the Grave”. [2]

Bloodspeaker Edit

Fushiki lived in an Isawa village [3] with a cruel, self-serving local magistrate who inflicted great injuries on the hinin under his care. He fled the village at the age of seventeen, aching for vengeance and joined the local cell of Bloodspeakers. [4]

Zombie Edit

Fushiki learned quickly on maho and Asahina Yajinden made Fushiki his apprentice. He willingly became the bearer of Yajinden's original porcelain mask, which fused with his skull and made him an undead during a ritual. Fushiki was the only "intelligent" zombie in the whole of Rokugan, retaining his memories and sense of self. [5]

Effects Edit

The mask produced constant pain, although it also granted him a zombie's strength and invulnerability, despite his corpse slowly decaying. The Kansen bound to the mask had granted Fushiki great maho knowledge in a single instant, including how to craft more of the porcelain masks. He returned to his homeland and killed the magistrate who harassed him when a child. [6]

Demeanor Edit

Fushiki was horrified at what he had become and privately regreted having become involved with the Bloodspeakers. He came to hate Yajinden, but Fushiki realized he could do nothing against the renegade Crane because the kansen within his mask were bound to Yajinden's will. [6]

Appearance Edit

Fushiki's rotting corpse was held together only by the power of the mask, and wrapped himself from head to foot in bandages, covering the face behind a hooded monk's robe. [7]

Circle of Five Edit

After Iuchiban's entombment Fushiki replaced him as member of the Bloodspeaker Circle of Five. [8]

Crab lands Edit

In 1120 Yajinden commanded Fushiki to grasp Isawa Kinto, a minor Maho-tsukai, from his house near Kami no Okasan. Kinto shortly before had had one of the Four Masks of Iuchiban, but it had been stolen. Enraged Yajinden destroyed the village. [9]

Death Edit

Yajinden disappeared without warning in 1120, [10] and far from his sustaining presence the corpse of Fushiki quickly deteriorated and died. His place in the Circle was seized by Iuchi Shahai. [8]

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