Fushicho were the Hengoyokai of the Phoenix spirits, [1] cousins to the houou. [2] They represented virtue, impetuousness, and grace. Their depictions graced the rooftops of temples and were also associated with weddings. [3]

Duty Edit

Fushicho were Tengoku's guardians, majestic firebirds with powerful magic. They could surround his body in flame, and polymorph into a houou at will. [4]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Fushicho appeared as beautiful birds with brilliant, flame-colored plumage. They might use their fire beak, enhancing their damage but also taking damage to themselves. [5] When the need arose, the fushicho could take the form of samurai, fighting their enemies with steel where magic failed. The fushicho were utterly fearless, for so long as they remained in heaven they could never truly die. A fushicho who perished in Tengoku's defense would rise again, healthy and whole, with the next sunrise. [6] They changed form into a large bird egg and then broke free after twenty-four hours, fully healed. [7] Fushicho had no qualms about sacrificing themselves for what they believed to be a noble cause, and often threw their lives away foolishly, as their rebirth ability did not extend outside Tengoku. [2]

Invasion of the Celestial Heavens Edit

In 1159 during the assault of Tengoku by Fu Leng the Fushicho led by Togashi Hoshi fought bravely against the Shadowlands horde. [6]

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