Fusaki was a gentle and earnest ronin shugenja who studied with the Phoenix Clan for many years. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Fusaki 2


Fusaki was a quiet, humble and unobtrusive shugenja. [2]

Student Edit

Kyuden Isawa Edit

Fusaki for ten years, served as an apprentice to the Isawa, trading his service for knowledge. For a time he was student of the Master of Air Isawa Eju. [2]

Shinjo Provinces Edit

Fusaki later moved to the Shinjo lands, where he studied the Meishodo magic under Iuchi Daiyu, Iuchi Takaai, and others. Fusaki also spent his time in learning horsemanship, and he was even gifted with a pony. [2]

Kuni lands Edit

Kuni Noda, a revered Kuni Witch Hunter and sensei of the Shadowlands Lore, came to Fusaki, and recruited him as his student. In his time with the Kuni Fusaki shifted his demeanor, forgetting his pride and self-importance. [2]

Retirement Edit

After he studied in three of the greatest libraries of the Empire, Fusaki retired to the Northern Holy Home Village, near Otosan Uchi, to write his journal. [2]

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