Furu no Oni

Furu no Oni

Furu no Oni, Serpent of Flames, was an oni of the Shadowlands. [1]

Demon of Fire Edit

Furu no Oni was a powerful fire demon which predated the Fall of the Kami. It destroyed a community of Naga, leaving only a single survivor who had been away at the time. The survivor swore vengeance and, years later, discovered the demon's lair deep within a fissure on the side of a volcano. Furu no Oni slew the Naga and stole much of the hero's soul in the process, severing both it and the souls of those who were aiding him from the Akasha. The nearly incorporeal being of flame possessed the Naga hero's body and became even more powerful than before. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Furu no Oni resembled the Naga whose form it stole, a vaguely humanoid upper torso with blackned bone thorns, six whip-like tentacles, and a snake-like lower body. Its torso and head were split in the center, revealing its hideous molten blood. [1]

Spawns Edit

The demon hunted ancient Naga ruins, for it required the corpses of Naga in order to spawn more of itself. The Naga could sense the presence of Furu no Oni through its tenuous connection to the Akasha, and they had usually driven it away from their main settlements. [1]

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