Fundai family 
Patron family: Kaiu family 
Clan: Crab Clan 
Founded: 6th century [1] 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Fundai family was a vassal family in service to the Kaiu family of the Crab Clan. They trained the sailors and shipwrights who patrolled the Sea of Shadows. [2] Their mon was a crab on a tide. [citation needed]

Founding Edit

Hardier, and faster ships were designed by Kaiu Shimatsu in the 7th century, and they were superior in every way to the pirate ships that had plagued the Crab coasts. His followers were tasked to oversee the production of these ships, but years later the Yasuki allegued for paying taxes on the growing port village of Fundai Mura. The Crab Clan Champion declared Shimatsu's followers to be a vassal family of the Kaiu, entitled to a small percentage of all goods transported by their ships. [3]

Duty Edit

The Fundai family oversaw every ship constructed by their clan. A secondary role was to provide security for important shipments personally. [3]

See also Edit


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