Fukurokujin Seido

Fukurokujin Seido

The Shrine to Fukurokujin (D2), within the Togashi provinces, [1] was devoted to the Fortune of Wisdom. It was less resplendant than other shrines throughout the Empire. It was however the best made and sturdiest of the shrines. Every visitor was asked to give something they crafted with their own hands. Paintings, sculptures and all manner of crafts adorned the temple, making it a popular destination for artisans. [2] It was possibly the largest temple dedicated to the Fortune of Wisdom in the entire Empire. [3]

History Edit

Founding Edit

Fukurokujin symbol

Fukurokujin symbol

In the 6th century the shrine was placed upon a high peak. It was tradition that each visitor gave something crafted by their own hands, and Fukurokujin Seido became a museum of Rokugani art. [4] The temple had a slightly eclectic appearance, since new rooms and buildings were added on as more visitors brought their offerings to the temple. Unfortunately, a village sprung up near the temple, full of con men and vice dens designed to part visiting pilgrims from their money. [5] The village was known as Fukurokujin Mura. [4]

Togashi Mitsu Edit

Fukurokujin Seido was the home of Togashi Mitsu. He was left there as an infant and raised there until 1114, when he was approached by the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni who made him a member of the Dragon Clan. [6]

The War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171, the Army of Fire rampaged through the Dragon lands, and the Shrine was burned to the ground by the Yobanjin invaders. Shinjo Zieko was able to sneak into the magistrate's station and rescue a few small items, but overall the destruction was almost complete. The Dragon were able to get revenge when their cavalry forces overran the invaders shortly afterwards.[7]

Retired monks Edit

The shrine gathered retired heroes of the Empire as Hida Demopen, who became the monk Tsubaru in 1189. His wife Hida Naruhi also retired alongside her husband, taking the name Rin. [8]

Fudo Edit

In 1192 several unknown Writings of Fudo were found by Rin in the shrine. [8]

External Links Edit

Fukurokujin Seido 2

Fukurokujin Seido (D2)


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