The Order of Fukurokujin's Eyes were the inheritors of the extinct Tribe of the Closed Eye, a tribe of sages with the gift of divination, and in many ways became the first monk order established in the Empire. [1]

Tribe of the Closed Eye Edit

The unexpected Fall of the Kami, the changes in the world around them, and the First War, convinced them that their ways had come to an end. When the fledging Crab Clan claimed the Triber's territory they did not join, but accepted the rule of the Kami. As they were not longer a Tribe, they began to refer to themselves as the Order of Fukurokujin's Eyes, a blend of their old name with the name of the Fortune of Wisdom, Fukurokujin. [2]

Brotherhood Sect Edit

They adopted a monastic lifestyle, although members of the Order often married and had children. Once the Brotherhood of Shinsei was established, they petitioned for membership and was accepted. The monks held themselves very much apart, avoiding conflict with others and studying the physical and spiritual patterns of the world. [2] It was an hereditary order, where parents brought their children into the fold at a young age. [3]

Known Technique Edit

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