Bayushi Tsubaki

A Blowgun

The Blowgun was designed to deliver a poisoned dart. [1]

Ninjitsu Edit

It shared many ninja weapons hallmarks: it was cheap to make, easy to use and its useful outside of combat, most often for breathing underwater. A blowgun was a hollow tube usually made from bamboo. The ninja blowed hard into the tube, shooting out needles at high speed, or blowdarts. The needles rarely caused much damage, but were frequently coated with poison. [2]

Use Edit

They were easy to conceal, but very difficult to use discretely. The blowguns were not very accurate, and useless in windy weather. [3] Blowguns were rarely for assassinations and more often used to serveas weapons of distraction and annoyance. [4]

External Links Edit

Poison Dartgun

Poison Dartgun


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