Fujita Mura was a small village in the lands of the Phoenix Clan. It was named after Agasha Fujita, an hero of the War Against the Shadow, populated by simple woodsmen and herbalists. [1]

Lord Edit

The local lord of Fujita Mura was an ambitious shugenja named Agasha Oshu, the grandson of the original Fujita. [1]

Mantis Attack Edit

In 1166, during the War of Fire and Thunder, the village became a target for attack by the Mantis because of how lightly guarded it was and it's proximity to Kyuden Isawa. Agasha Oshu and a visiting Crane ambassador named Doji Jurian were ambushed outside of the village, and Oshu was killed buing Jurian and his yojimbo enough time to escape and warn the village. Jurian had also been mortally wounded and commanded his yojimbo, Kakita Tsuken, to save the village in the honor of the sacrifice of Osho. Tsuken and Doji Jun'ai managed to save the village. [1]

Books of Enlightenment Edit

As a result of their heroics in saving the village, the two Cranes were rewarded with two of the Books of Enlightenment. Tsuken, in risking his life in a duel with Yoritomo Yorikane, earned the Book of Fire. Jun'ai, in organizing the defense of Fujita Mura and inspiring many people to join that defense, earned the Book of Water. [1]


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