Fuhao was a mujina who served the kenku sensei Kozue.

Traveling between Realms Edit

Fuhao could travel between Realms, Ningen-do, Chikushudo, Toshigoku,... with a companion with him. [1]

Doji Yasurugi Edit

In the 1st century Fuhao was the contact between Kozue and Doji Yasurugi during his training near Kyuden Doji. [1]

Doji Yoringu Edit

Fuhao was with Kozue when they traveled to Crane Provinces to reach the magistrate Doji Yoringu. The Kenku passed Naishi to Yoringu. [2]

Doji Yasuyo Edit

He aided Doji Yasuyo in finding Kozue in 1158. Fuhao delighted in irritating the Crane samurai-ko on their journey. [3] [4]


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