Fugu, most commonly known as Pufferfish, was fish dinner. It was a delicacy if prepared correctly, but poisonous otherwise. [1]

Fu Sushi Edit

Fugu sushi was the most famous contribution of the Mantis to the cuisine of the mainland, which became an immediate hit with the Crane Clan. This dish required the chef to have three years of intense training before preparing it, with the slightest mistake spelling certain death for the eaters. [2]

Poison Edit

The venom was contained in the fish's ovaries, and it survived through the cooking process. It caused slow, painful death if ingested. If poisoned, the victim lose all control of speech, complete paralysis and death would follow. Small doses of the poison caused a kind of paralyzation of the brain, making the victim little more than a semi-conscious zombie, capable only of involuntary actions, and it was used for kidnapping. [3]


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