The Fuantei Shi was the deadliest of the Scorpion poisons. A trace of Fauntei Shi could kill any rokugani. It was difficult to manufacture it, so rarely it was used, only when the victim was absolutely certain to be slain. The Kitsuki had developed an antidote, called Rukun's Juice. [1]

Appearance Edit

It was a colorless, crystalline powder with a telltale bitter taste. It was extracted from certain bitter-tasting orange plants or a root called Inu Botan, or "dog button." [2]

Effects Edit

The victim lose complete control of bodily functions as he threw himself into violent convulsions, literally shaking himself to death. The body flexed, the back arched, arms snapped in to the sides of the body and the face contorted into a hideous grimace. [2] The Kitsuki had developed an antidote, called Rukun's Juice. [1]


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