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Fuan-ti's Tower was the highest tower known by Rokugani. It was built by Miya Hokatsu in the Imperial District of the Second City, [1] named after his grandfather Iuchi Fuan-ti. [2] The tower served as home to the Head of the Imperial Explorers. [3]

Appearance Edit

This building over ten stories provided estates for dozens of samurai at a time, reserving the uppermost floors for the private use of Imperial family members. [4]

Desturction Edit

In 1199 the Imperial Heir Iweko Seiken seized control of the Second City. He requested the crab to restore the city to a status worthy of a Rokugani city. Kaiu Engineers directed works to tear down every single trace of gaijin influence in the city, such as the Fuan-Ti's Tower. [5]


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