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Fu Leng's Skull 
Fu Leng's Skull
Created by: Fu Leng
First used by: Kuni Yori
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Fu Leng's Skull was taken by Kuni Yori from the dead body of the once possessed emperor Hantei XXXIX in 1128, after the Second Day of Thunder. [1] It was located in the Festering Pit of Fu Leng and became the grave of the Dark Lord. [2]

Tsume Reborn Edit

With the skull Kuni Yori enacted a ritual and restored Moto Tsume to unlife. Tsume immediately swore fealty to Yori. [3]

Supremacy in the Shadowlands Edit

In 1133 at the Battle of Twilight Mountains Otaku Kamoko managed to get close enough to Tsume for Kyoso no Oni to defeat him. [4] Fu Leng's Skull passed to Kyoso giving her the supremacy in the Shadowlands. [5]

Known Wielders Edit

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