Four Winds March 
Four Winds March
Location: City of the Lost
Date: 1160, Month of the Horse [1]
Major Forces: Empire, Shadowlands
Generals: Four Winds, Daigotsu
Battles of Rokugan

Return of Kaede Edit

In 1160 during the Month of the Horse, after guidance from the Oracle of Void Toturi Kaede the Four Winds, Akodo Kaneka, Toturi Tsudao, Toturi Sezaru and Hantei Naseru realized the key to stopping Fu Leng's assault on the Celestial Heavens was to destroy Daigotsu. [1]

Assault Edit

Four Winds Gathered

Four Winds Gathered

The Four Winds pooled their knowledge of the enemy, and together launched an attack on the Shadowlands using the living statues known as Tadaka's Children. The army of statues served as a distraction while the Winds entered the City of the Lost and confronted Daigotsu. Naseru's words weakened Fu Leng's faith in Daigotsu just long enough for Kaneka, Tsudao and Sezaru to attack Daigotsu. Daigotsu was slain, but Tsudao sacrificed herself in the process. [2]

Aftermath Edit

Naseru was proclaimed Emperor Toturi III after his surviving brothers relinquished their claim to the Imperial Throne. Kaneka cemented is hold on the title of Shogun. Kaede left Ningen-do again. [3] Daigotsu was alive again after the sacrifice of his yojimbo Goju Kyoden, [4] thanks to the knowledge of his future death the Dark Lord had received from the Dark Oracle of Void. [5]

Deaths Edit

The Sacrifice of Tsudao

The Sacrifice of Tsudao


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