Four Bridges Glade

Four Bridges Glade

The Four Bridges Glade was a Naga construction, above the River of the Sky, made of worked quartz crystal of many colors. They crossed a cliffside dell in the center of the Shinomen Forest, giving access to the otherwise secluded vale, an empty glade. Each bridge had a white stone marker, portraying a kanji of the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air), and each bridge pointed in its respective direction (East North, West, South). [1]

Naga tale Edit

The Naga told they were built by a Vedic of the Pale Eye [2] representing the four elements, each as a path through which the Akasha can be found. The empty glade signified the emptiness of the soul once it had entered the Akasha. [3]

Rokugani ritual Edit

Monks from Reihaido Shinsei designed a ritual to achieve further enlightenment, so members that master an element were invited to walk over the appropriate bridge to meditate within the glade. The selected monk was considered by the world a Master of his discipline since the ritual began in the 7th century. [3] There was a legend that any monk who attained mastery of all four Elements never returned from his fourth pilgrimage. Some sid such a monk achieved Enlightenment and vanished from this world; others said the monk left by an invisible fifth bridge, to seek mastery of the Void itself. [2]


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