The Forty-Seven Sayings of Mekhem was a book which recorded the teachings of Mekhem, the Little Prophet, in Medinaat al-Salaam, [1] the most common manuscript in the Jewel. [2] A sahir follower of Hakhim first wrote them. [3]

Known Sayings Edit

  • “A hero has the wisdom to awaken the courage that sleeps in the heart of the common man.” [4]
  • “A man who cannot watch and wait sees beauty in nothing…” [5]
  • “Always face the weak while standing beside the strong. The former will either fall or improve, and the latter will will remember your loyalty or be vulnerable to your sword.” [6]
  • “If you can't sabotage your enemy's plans, sabotage his men.” [7]
  • If you have wounded your enemy but he has not wounded you, you have done enough. Let him bleed and he will die. [8]
  • “Fear and respect are the same. Lady Sun provides for those who understand this truth.” [9]
  • “Never hesitate. All animals fight to the death when cornered – even human ones.” [10]
  • One copper to a man who has thirty is just another copper. But to a man who has nothing, it is all the world. [11]
  • “Rich men, powerful men, crafty men, wise men, witty men, handsome men, and cunning men. Without water, they are all dead men.” [12] [13]
  • “The majesty of nature was not meant to be imprisoned. The longer it remains docile, the more ferocious it will be when released.” [14]
  • “Those who voluntarily put themselves under the heel of a tyrant get exactly what they deserve.” [15]
  • “Trust not the slumbering giant.” [16]
  • “Vengeance is the purity of purpose without remorse.” [17]
  • “When all you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.” [18]
  • “When stranded on an island in a sea of adversaries, place your most trusted friends upon the shore.” [19]
  • “When you cannot seduce your enemy, seduce the one he loves.” [20]
  • “Whenever there is light, there must be Shadow.” [21]
  • “Women are charmed by bold audacious men, Lady Fortune is no different.” [22]


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