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Fortunes and Winds

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Fortunes and Winds

Fortunes and Winds

The Fortunes and Winds was the primary dice game in Rokugan, and its highest-paying combination was called as the game's name. [1]

Set Up Edit

It was played with a set of five six-sided dice. One dice was a different color than the other four. [1] The four matching dice weare known as the Air, Earlh, Fire, and Water dice. The fifth die  was called the Moon die. Each die had a number of different faces so that they could create a variety of comblnations when the lot were cast. [2]

Side Bets Edit

  • Daikoku's Belly - It was a popular side bet, and was a wager that the current shooter would roll a winning combination. [2]
  • Lord Sun's Tea - This side bet hinged on whether or not a given shooter would make three rolls during his turn. It was an even odds bet, with an opposite number bet called Hungry Moon. Hungry Moon was even odds, and was a wager that the shooter would only roll once or twice. [2]

Mantis Edit

Winds and Fortunes

Playing the game

The game was very popular between the Mantis Clan. [3]

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