The Fortune's Favor Bridge was the earthen bridge of immense size which safely connected the archipelago of Eternal Danger Islands to mainland Rokugan. It stretched for more than a mile, lined with statues and shrines to the Thousand Fortunes. [1]

Creation Edit

The archipielago was formerly an island, which was destroyed during a cataclysm provoked by a Naga ritual, to rid off the presence of the Nothing in the island. The water and Earth kami which had shaped the island, reweaved the soil through and beneath the new archipelago, forming the Bridge. It remained beneath the ocean for centuries, growing slowly, until it eventually climbed from the ocean. A great tsunami smashed the coast of Rokugan, when the Empire had been already come into being. [2]

Rokugani Settlement Edit

The bridge connected Rokugan with Hantei's Point, where the Rokugani built the City of Prosperous Dawn, their sole major settlement there. [3]


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