Fortress of Thunder
Fortress of Thunder
Created by: Tonbo Toryu
First used by: Crane Clan
Currently in the possession of: Crane Clan

The Fortress of Thunder was created by the Dark Oracle of Void Tonbo Toryu. When the Oracles of Light got together to create the Elemental Nemuranai the position of Oracle of Thunder was unfilled. [1]

Preamble Edit

During Fu Leng's assault to the Celestial Heavens, the Celestial Order was in serious jeopardy. To maintain ihe balance, the Heavens withdrew their influence from Ningen-do, bringing the Oracles of Light, with them. Before the Oracles departed, and for the second time in history, the Oracles came together to craft a nemuranai of such potency that a single mortal could turn the tide against the darkness. In a move that surprised even the Celestial Heavens the former Oracle of Thunder and current Dark Oracle of Void Tonbo Toryu demanded the right to contribute his blessing. For his previous sacrifices he was granted the right. [2]

Appearance Edit

The Fortress of Thunder was an intricate model of a large fortress, small enough to be carried by a single person, but too heavy to allow the person to carry anything else. The model was perfect in every regard, appearing to be made out of porcelain, but could not be harmed by any means. [2]

Powers Edit

If the Fortress was placed within an existing fortress, castle, palace or other large building and activated with a short prayer to Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, that structure would never fall. No siege could overcome it and no army could storm its walls. The Fortress became unmovable until either Osano-Wo withdrew his blessing or until the prayer was repeated.

If it was placed in an open field during a thunderstorm and the Fortress was activated by the same prayer then it grew to a full-sized fortress identical to the smaller model. This fortress gained the same blessings as above. [3]

The Crane Edit

The Crane had not yet tested the power of the Fortress, hoping it would not become necessary. [citation needed]

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