Fortress of Blackened Sight

Fortress of Blackened Sight

The Fortress of the Blackened Sight was a military installation notorious for producing some of the Scorpion Clan's most dangerous swordsmen. It was situated in the clan's eastern plains [1] in the southern Scorpion provinces. [2]

History Edit

Origin Edit

It was named after the infamous Blackened Sight kata, which was developed there by Bayushi Nikute shortly after the castle's construction in the late 6th century, as a defensive stronghold against the Crab. It sat in a key hill overlooking the main road traveling northward into Scorpion lands. Its importance diminished when Zakyo Toshi was founded, which wffectively shifted the trade toward the River of Gold. [2]

Peasant Uprisings Edit

In the 12th century the castle served as headquarters for the clan's campaign to quell several peasant revolts fomented by the madman Kokujin. [2]

Bitter Lies Dojo Edit

The Dojo of Bitter Lies was moved to the castle from its original place in Ryoko Owari Toshi. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 the fortress was under attack of the invading forces of Kali-Ma during the Destroyer War. It was defended by the Fourth Imperial Legion composed by Crab Berserkers and Lion Deathseekers. The Shadow Dragon's minions aided the Rokugani armies in the defence. Goju Zeshin caused one assault by the Destroyers to fail with the help of Bayushi Hirose. [3] Eventually, the Fortress of Blackened Sight fell. Togashi Sakata was among the survivors. [4]

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