Forgotten Sons was an apprenticeship, a brotherhood of ronin shugenja founded by Hikosaboro, a former Isawa.

Ronin Edit

Hikosaboro was once chosen to undergo the Forsaken ritual, because of his “overzealous” attitude when dealing with those outside his clan. The ritual would strip him of all his magical aptitudes, never again he could commune with the kami. He slew five fellow students and two sensei to flee from the Isawa provinces with a large coefficient of secret lore. For three years, he hid out in the wilds of the Phoenix lands, studying the forgotten lore to grow his power. [1]

Founding Edit

Hikosaboro had fled from his clan to avoid the ritual of the Forgetting, which would severe him from magic. Not long after the destruction of Otosan Uchi in 1159, Hikosaboro joined other former Isawa that had formed into a band outside the ruined ground, and eventually took control of their organization. He dubbed his new band the Forgotten Sons to mock his former Isawa masters. Hikosaboro led his brotherhood to the ruins of Otosan Uchi because of the ease with which he could hide vast amounts of knowledge. They gathered their scrolls and knowledge beneath an old stable in the center of the city, building up their hidden lore, called the Forgotten Library. [2]

Methods Edit

Hikosaboro used the thirty-odd shugenja members of the Forgotten Sons and the yojimbo serving them as secretly as possible, and he assaulted out of the way caravans. The use of maho was forbidden, as he realized that his organization would not be long in becoming a Bloodspeaker cell. The sons had an Eclectic Learning through Hikosaboro as a sensei. [1]

Known Technique and Feat Edit

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