Forest of Dreamers

The Forest of Dreamers

Forest of the Dreamers was a small patch of forest in the shadows of Shiro Iuchi. It was an accursed place, its entrance forbidden and guarded by the Iuchi. [1]

Corruption Edit

Upon the Return of the Ki-Rin in 815, a maho-tsukai by the name Iuchi Nagol, moved to the secluded grove with his followers. There he continued undisturbed his quest for power researching gaijin magic of the khadi, mainly the sorcerer's use of blood rituals. Less than a decade after their move into the forest nearly all of Nagol's cabal had been exposed to corruptive kansen. [2]

Burned Edit

Three of Nagol's followers realized their master had fallen to the corruption. The Iuchi Shugenja murdered all the tainted shugenja one by one, and they came for Nagol lastly. The Iuchi granted them their own vassal family, the Battue, and the triad took the title of kelet, or spirit guardian. They returned to the forest and burned it down, raising the Tower of the Kelet at the northern Forest of Dreamers' northern edge. [2]

Guarded by the Iuchi Edit

Those who ventured too deeply into these recesses fell into nightmarish sleep, from which they did not return. The Iuchi had studied the cursed woods for generations hoping to find a way to expel the evil that had taken root, but to no avail. Some evils could not be conquered, only contained and controlled. [3]

Cursed Edit

In the 11th century a mad ronin named Fujio had suffused the grove with dark magic. He believed that he could use the legendary sands of Sleeping River to create potent magical medicines, using maho to create the elixirs, which were infused with Shiyokai. The spirits would put the drinker to sleep and proceed to feed upon his soul. The Kuni Witch Hunters tracked Fujio down and no one returned. The ruined house of Fujio laid there, and those that wandered too close reported a strange lethargy. [1]

Iuchi Shahai Edit

Iuchi Shahai sneaked between the guardians and entered Fujio's home, where she encountered a skeleton. She encountered the skull that guided her in the maho and the taint. [4] [5]

Yajinden Edit

In 1167 the mad smither Yajinden recovered his own heart from the Unicorn Clan in exchange of the Otaku's Daisho. The bargain was done within the Forest. [3]


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