Forbidden Knowledge was the second expansion of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game and displayed the full terror of the Twelve Black Scrolls, while the corrupted Elemental Masters weakened the barriers imprisoning the Dark God, Fu Leng, and unleashed powerful Elemental Terror spirits on the empire. This set also introduced Regions, cards that enhanced and individualized Provinces, and Ritual spells, in which several shugenja joined their efforts to cast stronger magical effects.

Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Emerald Edition

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Brash Hero Action Common
Brash Hero-card
- Bribery Action Uncommon
- Chasing the Wind Action Rare
Chasing the Wind-card
- Crushing Attack Action Uncommon
Crushing Attack-card
- Delicate Calculations Action Common
Delicate Calculations-card
- Disharmony Action Common
- Diversionary Tactics Action Common
Diversionary Tactics-card
- Enlightenment Action Common
- Family Loyalty Action Rare
Family Loyalty-card
- Fearful Populace Action Uncommon
Fearful Populace-card
- Fu Leng's Steeds Action Uncommon
Fu Leng's Steeds-card
- Hazardous Ground Action Common
Hazardous Ground-card
- Higher Ground Action Common
Higher Ground-card
- Kolat Saboteur Action Rare
Kolat Saboteur-card
- Moving the Shadow Action Common
Moving the Shadow-card
- Nemesis Action Uncommon
- Ninja Kidnapper Action Uncommon
Ninja Kidnapper-card
- Passing on the Soul Action Uncommon
Passing on the Soul-card
- Reserve Movement Action Uncommon
Reserve Movement-card
- Ride Until Dawn Action Rare
Ride Until Dawn-card
- Scorn Action Common
- Spoils of War Action Rare
Spoils of War-card
- Strike With No-Thought Action Uncommon
Strike With No-Thought-card
- The Arrow Knows the Way Action Rare
The Arrow Knows the Way-card
- The Coward's Way Action Uncommon
The Coward's Way-card
- The Final Breath Action Common
The Final Breath-card
- The First Shout Action Common
The First Shout-card
- The People's Expense Action Common
The People's Expense-card
- The Second Shout Action Common
The Second Shout-card
- The Third Shout Action Uncommon
The Third Shout-card
- Those Who Stand Alone Action Common
Those Who Stand Alone-card
- Tides of Battle Action Rare
Tides of Battle-card
- Unfettered Attack Action Uncommon
Unfettered Attack-card
- Virtues of Command Action Uncommon
Virtues of Command-card
- Your Life is Mine Action Rare
Your Life is Mine-card
- A Black Scroll is Opened Event Uncommon
A Black Scroll is Opened-card
- An Untold Cost Event Rare
An Untold Cost-card
- Dealing with Shadows Event Uncommon
Dealing with Shadows-card
- Dragon Sword is Broken Event Uncommon
Dragon Sword is Broken-card
- Imperial Funeral Event Uncommon
Imperial Funeral-card
- Not this Day! Event Uncommon
Not this Day!-card
- Pearl of Wisdom Event Rare
Pearl of Wisdom-card
- Seize the Day Event Rare
Seize the Day-card
- Strength of the Earth Event Uncommon
Strength of the Earth-card
- The Price of War Event Uncommon
The Price of War-card
- Goblin Berserkers Follower Common
Goblin Berserkers-card
- Kotaro Follower Rare
- Lesser Oni Follower Common
Lesser Oni-card
- Mantis Budoka Follower Uncommon
Mantis Budoka-card
- Mantis Samurai Follower Uncommon
Mantis Samurai-card
- Ogre Warriors Follower Rare
Ogre Warriors-card
- Pikemen Follower Common
- Shield Wall Follower Uncommon
Shield Wall-card
- Artificer Holding Common
- Bandit Hideout Holding Common
Bandit Hideout-card
- Black Market Holding Common
Black Market-card
- Bushi Dojo Holding Common
Bushi Dojo-card
- Merchant Caravan Holding Common
Merchant Caravan-card
- Ningyo Holding Common
- The Battlements of Matsu Castle Holding Rare
The Battlements of Matsu Castle-card
- The Gates of Hida Castle Holding Rare
The Gates of Hida Castle-card
- The Kakita Palisades Holding Rare
The Kakita Palisades-card
- The Shinjo Parade Grounds Holding Rare
The Shinjo Parade Grounds-card
- The Togashi Bastion Holding Rare
The Togashi Bastion-card
- The Towers of Isawa Castle Holding Rare
The Towers of Isawa Castle-card
- Armor of Earth Item Rare
Armor of Earth-card
- Dripping Poison Item Uncommon
Dripping Poison-card
- Garrote Item Uncommon
- Gunsen of Water Item Rare
Gunsen of Water-card
- Katana of Fire Item Rare
Katana of Fire-card
- Mempo of the Void Item Rare
Mempo of the Void-card
- No-Dachi Item Common
- Personal Standard Item Common
Personal Standard-card
- The Ancestral Sword of Hantei Item Rare
The Ancestral Sword of Hantei-card
- The Emerald Armor Item Rare
The Emerald Armor-card
- The Eye of Shorihotsu Item Uncommon
The Eye of Shorihotsu-card
- The Imperial Standard Item Rare
The Imperial Standard-card
- Yari of Air Item Rare
Yari of Air-card
- Kaiu Kenru Personality Common
Kaiu Kenru-card
- Kaiu Suman Personality Uncommon
Kaiu Suman-card
- Kuni Yori Experienced Personality Rare
Kuni Yori Exp-card
- Doji Kuwanan Personality Common
Doji Kuwanan-card
- Kakita Foruku Personality Uncommon
Kakita Foruku-card
- Kakita Toshimoko Experienced Personality Rare
Kakita Toshimoko Exp-card
- Mirumoto Daini Experienced Personality Rare
Mirumoto Daini Exp-card
- Togashi Mikoto Personality Common
Togashi Mikoto-card
- Togashi Rinjin Personality Uncommon
Togashi Rinjin-card
- Ikoma Tsanuri Personality Uncommon
Ikoma Tsanuri-card
- Ikoma Ujiaki Experienced Personality Rare
Ikoma Ujiaki Exp-card
- Matsu Toshiro Personality Common
Matsu Toshiro-card
- Qarash Personality Uncommon
- Ramash Personality Common
- Shahadet Personality Rare
- Asako Oyo Personality Uncommon
Asako Oyo-card
- Isawa Natsune Personality Common
Isawa Natsune-card
- Isawa Uona Experienced Personality Rare
Isawa Uona Exp-card
- Bayushi Baku Personality Uncommon
Bayushi Baku-card
- Bayushi Shoju Personality Rare
Bayushi Shoju-card
- Yogo Asami Personality Common
Yogo Asami-card
- Ide Daikoku Personality Rare
Ide Daikoku-card
- Shinjo Mosaku Personality Uncommon
Shinjo Mosaku-card
- Shinjo Sadato Personality Common
Shinjo Sadato-card
- Akiyoshi Personality Common
- Akodo Godaigo Personality Rare
Akodo Godaigo-card
- Bog Hag Personality Common
Bog Hag-card
- Dairya Experienced Personality Rare
Dairya Exp-card
- Dark Daughter of Fu Leng Personality Rare
Dark Daughter of Fu Leng-card
- Fusaki Personality Common
- Kemmei Personality Common
- Kolat Whisperer Personality Rare
Kolat Whisperer-card
- Oni no Akeru Personality Uncommon
Oni no Akeru-card
- Oni no Jimen Personality Uncommon
Oni no Jimen-card
- Oni no Kaze Personality Uncommon
Oni no Kaze-card
- Oni no Mizu Personality Uncommon
Oni no Mizu-card
- Oni no Seiryoku Personality Uncommon
Oni no Seiryoku-card
- Oni no Taki-Bi Personality Uncommon
Oni no Taki-Bi-card
- Seikua Personality Common
- Tsuruchi Personality Common
- Yogo Junzo Experienced Personality Rare
Yogo Junzo Exp-card
- Beiden Pass Region Uncommon
Beiden Pass-card
- Crossroads Region Common
- Farmlands Region Common
- Flatlands Region Common
- Kuni Wastelands Region Rare
Kuni Wastelands-card
- Mountain Pass Region Common
Mountain Pass-card
- Plains of Otosan Uchi Region Rare
Plains of Otosan Uchi-card
- Ruined Keep of Fu Leng Region Rare
Ruined Keep of Fu Leng-card
- Swamplands Region Common
- The Doji Plains Region Uncommon
The Doji Plains-card
- The Isawa Woodlands Region Uncommon
The Isawa Woodlands-card
- The Kaiu Walls Region Uncommon
The Kaiu Walls-card
- A Terrible Oath Spell Rare
A Terrible Oath-card
- Black Wind From the Soul Spell Rare
Black Wind From the Soul-card
- Calling the Elements Spell Common
Calling the Elements-card
- Courage of the Seven Thunders Spell Uncommon
Courage of the Seven Thunders-card
- Jade Strike Spell Common
Jade Strike-card
- Purity of the Seven Thunders Spell Rare
Purity of the Seven Thunders-card
- Return of the Fallen Lord Spell Rare
Return of the Fallen Lord-card
- Reversal of Fortunes Spell Uncommon
Reversal of Fortunes-card
- Sharing the Strength of Many Spell Common
Sharing the Strength of Many-card
- Strike at the Roots Spell Common
Strike at the Roots-card
- The Elements' Fury Spell Uncommon
The Elements' Fury-card
- The Fires that Cleanse Spell Uncommon
The Fires that Cleanse-card
- The Iron Citadel Spell Rare
The Iron Citadel-card
- The Path to Inner Peace Spell Common
The Path to Inner Peace-card
- The Walking Horror of Fu Leng Spell Rare
Walking Horror of Fu Leng-card
- The Wasting Disease Spell Rare
Wasting Disease-card
- Wheel of Fate Spell Uncommon
Wheel of Fate-card
- Whispering Winds Spell Common
Whispering Winds-card
- Wind-Borne Slumbers Spell Uncommon
Wind-Borne Slumbers-card

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