Forbidden City

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was the Emperor's personal lands. [1] They were situated in the centre of Otosan Uchi, and contained most notably the Imperial Palace. [2] It remained mostly abandoned in the winter court periods. [3]

Great War Edit

In the year 44, when the Empire realized the threat posed by the minions of the Shadowlands during the War Against Fu Leng, Hantei order to torn down the city, palace, and walls, so improved defensive structures could held an attack against his brother's forces. [4]

Guest Homes Edit

Guest Homes housed permanent guests within the southern edges of the Forbidden City. For one thousand years there were nine guest homes, one for each Great Clan, but the Dragon, and one for each of the Imperial Families. [3]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Forbidden City 2

Forbidden City in 1123

The surroundings of the Imperial Palace were the place of the worst fighting during the Scorpion Coup. Many of the guest homes and yoriki stations were demolished, and much of the walls were rebuilt. [5]

Toshi Ranbo Edit

The name of "Forbidden City" was later also used to informally call the neighborhoods that directly surrounded the Imperial Palace and its adjoining compound at Toshi Ranbo. A low wall separate it from the rest of the city. [6]

Notable Locations Edit

The whole of the facility was surrounded by a low but well-defended wall. The Road of the Most High passed through the main gate, and the much smaller Necessary Gate led to the Road of Fast Hopes. [7]


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