Flying Carpet 
Flying Carpet
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The Flying Carpet was nemuranai from the Burning Sands that allowed to fly over it. The Qolat Al-Hazaad used one of these artifacts to travel from Medinaat al-Salaam to Rokugan. [1] Another one was held in the secretive city of Gisei Toshi, purchased through Yobanjin merchants. [2]

Flying Carpets at Rokugan Edit

Flying Carpets had been brought back to Rokugan several times, beginning with the Return of the Ki-Rin in the early 9th century. Since then, travelers to the Burning Sands such as the exiled Scorpion Clan had brought back these exotic artifacts. The Kolat conspiracy has also gained access to Flying Carpets through its contacts with its gaijin counterpart, the Qolat. [3]

Craft Edit

Flying Carpet 2

Flying Carpet

A Flying Carpet ws a large heavy piece of cloth, woven from the hair of animals, depicting strange garish designs of great complexity. A carpet could carry between two and four average-sized adults, and it was activated uttering a unique word of command in the Mekham language. [3]

Smither Edit

Zinan was a known flying smither. [4]

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