Floating Leaf Dojo, taught the Master of the Swift Waves school, which split off from the the Gatherer of the Wind Dojo during the Ki-Rin's Exodus, from those Iuchi who decided to stay with the group of Ide. While the Iuchi group encountered gaijin magic and partly absorbed it, these Iuchi never mixed their ways with those of the foreign lands. They focused more on movement and peace, the pillars of the Ide philosophy. [1]

Founding Edit

When the Ki-Rin Clan reunited, the Iuchi Daimyo allowed to establish a different dojo at Shiro Ide, keeping their own philosophy apart of the Iuchi Shugenja mainstream. They took on only a handful of students every year, keeping the size of the school at very low levels. It was also homed the Master of the Swift Waves school. The school wandered across Unicorn lands, and Floating Leaf maintained a small dojo in each major Unicorn city. The wandering school passed through them about once every month. [2]

Training Edit

Students, as all Iuchi Shugenja, nurtured the free spirit, focused on movement and spells that enhanced the shugenja's ties to animals, expecting to serve the Unicorn armies as support, healing the wounded and facilitating cavalry movement. Floating Leaf emphasized the strength of structural integrity, focusing on techniques that would help the Unicorn war effort without using their power to hurt others. They learned ways of misdirection to confound enemies, emphasized spells that cure the wounded, and developed special methods to increase the speed of the Unicorn armies. [2]

Sensei Edit

Nominally, the Master Sensei of the dojo was always thc Iuchi Daimyo. Sensei were friendly and extroverted, young and filled with a zest for life, there could be no learning without true enthusiasm. Matchcs of Engaging the Wind between students, between teacher, and between students and teacher were routine. [3]

Known Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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