Flintlock weapons were gaijin firearms, devices which used gunpowder to launch a metal projectile at high speed. [1]

Origins Edit

Espada Cornejo was inspired by tubes of unusual chemicals, designed to release colorful, controlled explosions when released. He had obtained these from an Ivory Kingdoms trader, who had in turn acquired them in distant Medinaat al-Salaam. This Mekhem trader had acquired them from a band of Yobanjin thieves, who stole them from a caravan of Agasha Shugenja traveling to Togashi Mountain to perform a display of hanabi for the Dragon Clan Champion. Cornejo's scientific mind immediately saw the flaws in the crude Rokugani explosives which he quickly corrected to create the first musket. [1]

Merenae and Thrane Edit

The Merenae and Thrane Kingdoms had the technology to produce firearms. [2] Rokugan first saw the handguns during the Battle of White Stag when a gaijin fleet led by Garen Hawthorne used them against the Emerald Empire forces. [3] Since then, the use of guns and cannons had been strictly forbidden in Rokugan. [4]

Types Edit

  • Muskets: Though not as swift or accurate as a bow, muskets were extraordinarily powerful and rendered any armor they encountered essentially useless. They needed the two arms to be fired. [1]
  • Pistols : They were handguns, one arm alone could wield it. [1] The Rokugani called it bajozutsu. [5]


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