The Fishers Quarter of Broken Wave City was another testament to the skill of harbourmaster Yoritomo Al-Zayan. It was capable of accomodating the myriad of small craft that performed one of the most vital services for the city; feeding the populace.[1]

Fishing Edit

With practically no arable land, the majority of food required had to be imported. The nearby shallow waters of the Phoenix coast were already rich fishing grounds, and the emergence of Kaigen's Island seemed only to boost this resource. Endless cycles of fishing boats head out and back, bringing cod, mackerel and tuna to the people of the island. Even some more exotic species of swordfish and shark are fished. Another foodstuff, red-brown seaweed, had become a staple in the local quisine. The nearby area of the docks is a raucous fish market, and the seafood dishes of Broken Wave City were fast gaining a reputation in Rokugan for being the finest and freshest around.[1]

Notable Locations Edit

Sachi's Watch Edit

The official residence of the harbourmaster was an imposing tower named Sachi's Watch in honour of Isawa Sachi. However, for practical reasons the harbourmaster kept his actual office in the Commerce Quarter to deal with the myriad of issues that arise from the quantity of ships in and out of the ports.[1]


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