First Strike Dojo was built at Shiro Hiruma, after Hida Yakamo retook the castle in 1130. It taught the Berserker, Hiruma Scout, Hiruma Stalker, [1] Hiruma Grappler, Hida Bushi, [2] and Falcon's Strike schools. [3]

Tradition Edit

The dojo was devoted to offence rather than defence, and was considered very successful, but a high cost of lives. The most value tradition was vengeance, against those who stole and corrupted their ancestral lands, the Shadowlands.

The First Strike accepted only students who had passed his gempukku, except for children of former students or those promising students of other dojos. When they would pass their gempukku received their daisho and entered the Shadowlands to track, locate, and kill an assigned type of creature. [1]

Training Edit

The knowledge of the Shadowlands and its denizens was emphasized. They learned to exploit the weaknesses of their enemies, and how to analyse a new and unknown target. [1]

Sensei Edit

The sensei were chosen on the basis of his success. [4]

Known Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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