First Great Crusade
Location: lands nearby Yodotai territory
Date: 45-102
Major Forces: Yodotai,
Kingdom of Radia,
Other people near Yodotai lands
Generals: Octavius,
Battles of Rokugan

Octavius took the title of Yodotai Warlord and began the first Great Crusade to conquer the people nearby, extending the Yodotai religion to those he conquered.

First Stages Edit

Conquest, the Yodotai Deity of War, counseled Octavius how to found the Yodotai Empire. In 45 Octavius took the Warlord title and began to conquer the people nearby. [1]

Radia Kingdom Edit

The Yodotai army moved North, toward the sea. In the North coast the Yodotai and the Kingdom of Radia confronted during the year 60. Its King, Gradiel, withdrew to the city coast of Akkanon. [2]

Yodotai defeat Edit

In 102 during the Battle That Must Not Be Forgotten Gradiel shattered Octavius's sword, but died pierced by his spear Spiritforge. Conquest appeared to warn his people, but it was too late. A Tsunami stroke the coast, killing many of the Yodotai Empire, including Octavius. The remnants of the Yodotai army left the place, in the first defeat of the nascent Empire. [2]


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