First Breath Dojo

First Breath Dojo (S15)

The First Breath Dojo (S15) was where children of the Soshi family who did not possess the gift of the kami were sent to train. They were allowed to select any career they desire, so long as they could prove it benefits the clan in some way. [1] After the destruction of one of the major Soshi temples by an earthquake, the shugenja were also trained there. It taught the Soshi Shugenja, Yogo Shugenja, Soshi Duelist, and Yogo Duelist schools. [2]

Location Edit

The dojo was located in the southern plains before they gave way to the hilly region that marked the Scorpion Clan's southern border, [1] aAt the foothills of the path to Shiro no Soshi, on the outskirts of Pokau. [3]

Tradition Edit

Nearly a third of all Soshi attended the dojo, and children attended the school for only a year and a half learning about history, geography, philosophy, etiquette, swordplay, and everything else. The Soshi sent their unblessed children to do whatever they desired, so long as they did it well. When a Scorpion needed someone interested in any knowledge or skill, often the Soshi had just such an individual who discovered his talent at First Breath Dojo. [3]

Known Sensei Edit

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War the invading forces of Kali-Ma attacked the First Breath Dojo and razed it to the ground. Ikoma Hagio and Soshi Yoshihara fought there, knowing that the holding was nearly indefensible and that they would most likely sacrifice their lives. [4]


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