The First Age was the Creation of the universe by the Moon Kaleel and his wife the Sun Shilah, in the cosmology of the Burning Sands. This age was followed by the Second Age. [1]

Events Edit

  • The stars are born, the first children of Kaleel and Shilah, boundless within infinite space.
  • The Mortal Realm, the World, is created. It is a verdant, lush place, with great seas and mountain ranges and forests.
  • The jinn are born from the Moon and the Sun, the first to walk the World.
  • A Jinn Lord, Kaleel, is proclaimed to command over their brethren.
  • The jinn creates the Younger Races, including the Ashalan and the humanity.
  • The Moon creates the Khayel, later known as the Lying Darkness.


  1. Legend of the Burning Sands Roleplaying Game, p. 199

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