Firestorm Legion

Firestorm Legion

Firestorm Legion, the Third Phoenix Legion of the Shiba Army, was an Elemental Guard unit composed by shugenja who studied fire magic. This legion of shugenja was attended by the Shiba Fourth Phoenix Legion, the Legion of Flame, who were specially trained to interact with that legion. [1] Its most famous sub-unit was the Inferno Guard. [2]

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Legion was formed at the start of the Clan Wars under the guidance of the Master of Fire Isawa Tsuke, and the destructive force of this unit was first tested in the Battle of Teinken Mountain. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 the Legion defended Shiro Shiba against an attack of the Army of Fire. [4] A massive yobanjin war band pushed north into the Phoenix holdings. Shiba Tsukimi and Asako Katashi arrived alongside the Legion of Flame and supported by the Daidoji Iron Warriors. The Firestorm Legion negated the blasphemous fire magic and the barbarians fled to the north. [5]

War of the Twins Edit

In 1192 the Firestorm Legion and the Legion of Flame moved through the lands of the Crane allies and disguised as a merchant caravan moved north as if they came from the Twilight Mountains, bordering the Yasuki lands. They arrived unmolested to Shutai, a Scorpion village of vice and banditry. The Phoenix believed that something of value to the Scorpion was found there. The Fall of Shutai was one of the few occasions in which the Firestorm Legion were permitted to unleash their true power, and the village was wiped out, in retribution for the Fall of Kyuden Agasha the previous year. [6]

Cleansing Moto Curse Edit

In the late 12th century the Phoenix exposed that Moto blood drew ill fortune, which they passed to their descendants. The Unicorn attacked the Phoenix for the slight, and the Master of Fire Isawa Koiso ordered the Legion to eradicate Moto on sight. [7]

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