The Firefly Clan was a Minor Clan founded by Shinjo Jainu, and it family name was given after Jainu's father.

Creation Edit

Shinjo Jainu was an Emerald Magistrate in watch duty, overlooking the sea along the shore between Otosan Uchi and the Phoenix lands. Due to the size of the territory he had to patrol, Jairu had hired ronins with his own salary, creating regular patrols in the area. In 1152 Jainu's men pushed back a small invasion force of allied Yobanjin tribes that had their ships pushed there by a storm. The barbarians were destroyed with the aid of Seppun reinforcements. The Emperor Toturi I granted Jainu his own Minor Clan. Jainu named it the Firefly, for the fires they had maintained along the coast, and took the family name Hotaru from Jainu's father, Shinjo Hotaru. [1]

Details Edit

Lands Edit

The Emerald Champion ceded to the fledging minor clan a narrow stretch of unaligned seashore they were patrolling. A series of small watchtowers with support buildings were expanded to house families. The centermost tower became Hotaru Torid-e, the Firefly Keep. [2]

Allies Edit

The Agasha family to the north provided crops in return for securing part of their bordering lands, and the Tortoise to the south did the same in exchange for knowledge of suspicious ships passing along their watchtowers. [2]

Schools Edit

The following is the basi school within the Firefly Clan:


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