The Fire Fountains was a volcanic field situated on the western side of Kaigen's Island. The volcanic activity in the area came about as a result of the earthquakes brought on from the unnatural existence of the raised island. Luckily the activity in the area proved no immediate danger to the nearby Kyuden Kumiko. [1]

Cremation Edit

The Fire Fountains were used to cremate the dead on the island, who would first be sent to the Last Landing to be tended by eta. The Eta there maintained paths to the fountains, or designated new paths when old ones were overrun by lava.[2]

Name Edit

The term "fountain" was quite apt, as powerful eruptions of lava could reach hundreds fo feet into the air. The lava would spill into the ocean, causing Kaigen's Island to slowly increase in size. While beautiful, the area was extremely dangerous. More than a few eta had been killed by sudden outbursts of rock and lava.[2]


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